01What will happen if the weather conditions are bad on the day of my jump?

Early in the morning each day weather conditions for the rest of the day are evaluated. This allows us to either confirm or cancel activities. Conditions like rain, low cloud or strong winds make it unsuitable for carrying out the activity. If it is not possible to carry out your jump due to these circumstances, you can change the date of your jump (depending on availability).

02Can I eat before my jump?

This activity is linked to strong emotions which may provoke a strong release of adrenalin and the use of a lot of energy. For this reason, it is advisable that you eat as you would normally.

03Can I be accompanied or bring my pet?

You can come with whoever you like but remember that children must always be supervised by an adult, and the consumption of alcohol by those accompanying you, either before or after the activity, is only permitted in the Restaurant/Bar area.

04How should I dress for the activity?

You should wear comfortable clothing and remember that this will be relevant to the season of the year. In summer, you can jump in shorts and a t-shirt, and in winter we advise you wear thermal clothing that is closely fitted to the body. We recommend you wear flat, closed and laced up footwear, preferably sports shoes.

05Can I do a tandem jump if I suffer from vertigo?

Most people do not suffer from vertigo when they are at the window of a plane, as there is no visual reference to the ground the sensation disappears. The same occurs with the tandem jump.

06Will I be able to breathe properly in free-fall, and what speed will we reach?

You will able to breathe perfectly well, both through the nose and the mouth. The speed in free-fall reaches 200 Km/hour and will not prevent you breathing as you would normally.

07How long does the activity last?

The duration of the complete activity is two and a half hours. Included in this time are the check-in process in our office, flight organisation, the briefing/theoretical part of the jump, the harnessing process, carrying out the activity and editing the images. The time you select for your reservation is the time of arrival at our premises.





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