Álex Villar has gone through the Barcelona-Bages aerodrome, which he considers to be one of the best places to practice parachuting

Josep Garcia Sant Fruitós De Bages 30.09.2019 | 23:39 (ORIGINAL SOURCE: REGIO 7 )

It is one of the best known base jumpers in the State. Álex Villar is 30 years old and was born in Madrid, where he currently resides. Practice wingsuit discipline, which is a paradise mode in which the jumper is dressed in a clothing that makes him look like a bird man. “7 years ago I started in the world of jumps with a parachuting course. Two years later I managed to make the first base jumps [the most dangerous they can do] with the winged suit, “he explains.

One of the recent milestones of Villar, which has been the most important, is to have crossed a natural rock in Huesca, specifically the Piedrafita arch (SEE VIDEO). «There was a 30% chance that the jump did not work well. But honestly, it is the last thing I think when I frame these goals, “says the Madrid base jumper. “I needed to go to the next level and I was prepared to jump out of the characteristics of Huesca. To any bird man whose body asks to cross that hole with the wings suit, it seems that it has been created for this purpose. “

Despite starting in the world of conventional parachuting, Villar prefers the modality of the wingsuit. «The free fall lasts more than in a normal leap and the sensation is much more spectacular being a bird man», he says. In addition, he explains that with the wings suit, he jumps with more friends and “it’s a lot of fun when you’re in the air with them”.

«The best place to jump from the State»

Saltamos is a company located in the Barcelona-Bages de Sant Fruitós aerodrome, where Álex Villar spent four days to enjoy with his friends the landscape of Central Catalonia and, obviously, to jump as many times as possible. «The area has views of Montserrat and its surroundings are spectacular. In addition, the weather conditions that I have found here are virtually unbeatable. From my point of view, it is the best parachuting site in Spain, “he assures absolutely. For the four days he has been in the Bages, he was able to launch from the Saltamos plane around 5 times a day. “It’s another great advantage to come here, since with such good weather you can make a lot of jumps.” But what stands out from the facilities is the human group that works there. «To come is always very rewarding, because the good atmosphere in this area motivates to come back again and again», explains the Madrid base jumper. This time, they took advantage of the visit to carry out an event with a sponsor of Villar, who flattered them with wings, and did a series of teaching sessions about the wingsuit. “We have advised the people who are interested in the subject and that it has already begun in this world so that they can improve their records day by day”, affirms Villar, that it has happened just as well that other times that has been in the facilities with friends. The fruitosense aerodrome also has a bar service and an area with a pool to relax before or after a jump to 4,000 meters.

Future in the competition

At present, Álex Villar does not yet have a wide range of competitions within the wingsuit and base jumps. One of the reasons is the fact that in Spain there are no competitions of these jumbles more risky with the wings suit. “I have ever competed on a state scale but could not be like a bird man, since there are only championships with conventional parachute jumps,” says the Madrid jumper.

However, he has a lot of desire to be able to participate soon in an international competition, as championships with wings are organized, so that they can try a new experience. “The main area of ​​such competitions is China and it is very likely next year to compete”, he says. It will be a new step for the bird man who has visited our house.