regalo salto en paracaídas | skydiving gift
A gift is given, without asking for anything in exchange, to a person as a means of congratulating, lavishing or honouring.
Perfect for a birthday, an anniversary, a stag or hen party, graduation, Valentine’s Day and as many more dates or reasons as one can think of.
This gift is a way to transmit feelings.
Giving away a tandem parachute jump is much more than just a gift: it’s fulfilling your loved ones dream.
We’re not only talking about an original gift, we are talking about making dreams come true, living a unique experience, sharing a very special day in a natural environment where the person being honoured is accompanied by their family and friends.

It’s because of all these that “the gift of jumping” gets such a special attention at Skydive BCN.

The recipient will receive a package, with a special USB card. The experience has only just begun.
In the card your loved one will find a video designed to passionately express our desires of flying!!