Course duration: two working days (Theory, TDM, AFF, Level 1)
    Course price is €785 (does not include federation insurance)

    The Mini AFF is a free fall initiation course. It is a good option for those who may wish to go deeper into the world of sport parachuting after their Tandem Jump. Or, perhaps for those who wish to have the experience of jumping by themselves but are not yet sure about undertaking a PAC course in order to obtain their sport parachuting licence.

    In the Mini AFF you shall receive the complete AFF theory course, but shall only jump to pass level 1. Once you have reached level 1 objectives, you will decide whether or not to continue progressing on to level 7, or to simply stop and finish with the amazing experience of having jumped by yourself with the maximum safety of our instructors supervision.

  • PAC

    Duration: 4 Working days. (Theory and 7 AFF Jumps)
    Price: €1.895 (does not include federation insurance)
    The Internationally known AFF method (Accelerated Free-Fall) is designed to provide individualized and personalized teaching, and, following a brief training, shall prepare the student to jump by his/herself with total security.
    The general objectives are:

    • Manipulation and knowledge of parachuting equipment.
    • Knowledge of aircraft pre-boarding procedures, free-fall procedures, canopy procedures and landing procedures.
    • Analysis of possible problems or malfunctions, and their respective solutions.

    All jumps throughout the course will be recorded on video.

    Please visit our AFF Skydiving Course microsite, where you can see other options like the indoor modality which includes 15 minutes of wind tunnel flying.


    Duration: Two working days
    Price: is €494*

    *includes: theory, folding course, 2 jumps with a coach, 1 hop and pop jump, licence process.

    Once the AFF Course has been completed you will already be a skydiver and you can jump on your own. You will be in your consolidation phase. Each new jump will improve your technique.
    The following phase consists in acquiring the A Certificate from the FAE (Federación Aeronáutica Española – Spanish Aeronautical federation), which will allow you to jump with other skydivers.
    In order to obtain the A Certificate you need:

    • 25 jumps experience.
    • An individual free-fall technique that allows you to demonstrate control under different exits from the aircraft, maintaining flight levels with respect to another parachute jumper, control of movements around all axis and execute efficient separation drifts
    • Consolidated control of the canopy: navigation, traffic and landing technique.
    • Knowledge of the parts and working of the parachute, manipulation and check procedure of the latter, as well as the folding of the main canopy.
    • Knowledge of the aircraft procedures (boarding, group separation, aircraft emergencies and passing the determined point of exit).
    • Perfect knowledge of each and every one of the malfunctions and their corresponding emergency procedures.

    In order to demonstrate all of these skills, a theory review shall be undertaken at a given date in the office. After this a test, two evaluation jumps and a jump from 5,000 feet will take place.